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The Reale Golf School was born from the passion for the golf and the desire to divulge it through his teaching. The teaching activity started 50 years ago thanks to its founder Agostino Reale, who transmitted his enthusiasm to the three children, Andrea, Michele and Stefano. These are consequently become the first internationally renowned players, then masters appreciated for technical knowledge, experience, behavior and love for golf. The school does not just build some good swings, but aims to train good players can be comfortable on any golf course. To achieve this, we use a comprehensive approach that takes into account not only the individual techniques, but also the knowledge of the rules of golf, the psychological nuances, the athletic aspects and basic construction knowledge of the tools used by golfers.

This teaching method does not intend to impose a single model ideal, but try to guide the golfer in the search for a personal game, which is derived from its physical characteristics and its psychic abilities, placed on simple and solid foundation. The ultimate goal is to get a good continuity of play despite the many complexities involved in golf.


Language: English, Francais, Espagnol


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