The Club House is reserved for Members, Guests, Subscribers and persons authorized by the Management.

In the Club House children under the age of six are welcome, as long as they are always accompanied by an adult and as long as their parents, or whoever takes their place, are always careful that their behavior does not disturb the associative life.

Strollers, baby carriages and the like can be parked under the portico on the left side of the entrance to the Club House.

Members, Guests and Subscribers must maintain a moderate tone of voice and such as not to disturb others.

In the Club House and its surroundings, the use of sound reproducing devices is allowed as long as they are equipped with a headset.

In the Club House it is allowed to use the mobile phone in silent mode.


ON THE COURSE, players must adopt a decent game outfit, thus excluding skimpy clothing, excessively short trousers and tracksuits.

It is not allowed to wear: tank tops, overalls, hot-pants, leggings, faded jeans or jeans with holes and tears.

In CLUB HOUSE the Members,  Guests and Subscribers, must adopt decent and appropriate clothing to the Club, thus excluding skimpy clothing, tracksuits, tank tops and excessively short trousers.

Jeans are allowed as long as they do not have holes and tears.

For the evening attendance of the Club House, elegant casual clothing is required, therefore, gentlemen will be allowed to wear the jacket without a tie, unless otherwise specified by the Management.

Excessively sporty clothing, shorts or other clothing should be avoided during evening access to the Club.


The behavior of Members and players must be based on the utmost correctness and availability for the best civil coexistence, must be respectful of the needs of others and conform to the rules of good manners. All players must behave in a disciplined manner, always showing courtesy and sportsmanship, no matter how competitive they may be. 

This is the Spirit of the Game of Golf.

In the common interest, all players must avoid any kind of delay in the game; the reference term for determining any delay is always the team that precedes and never the one that follows; when the search for a ball proves to be difficult, the following team must immediately be allowed to pass without waiting the three minutes allowed by the Rules before the ball is considered lost.

  • Marshalls are given the right to force a game that has lost distance to give way to one or more games slowed down by it. This regardless of whether a race is being held or not.
  • No player must take a stroke before the preceding team is at a safe distance. When a player is ready to play, players must not stand near or directly behind the ball or behind the hole, but at a reasonable distance that does not disturb the player.
    In making a practice stroke or swing, players must ensure that no one is too close or in a position to be hit by the stick, ball or any stone, pebble, twig or similar.
    If a player plays a ball in a direction where there is a danger of hitting someone, he must immediately shout a warning. The traditional word for warning in these situations is “fore“.
  • Players must ensure that any electronic devices brought onto the pitch do not disturb other players.
  • When playing on or near a green, players must leave their bags or carts in a position that allows them to quickly move away from the green and reach the next tee area. When play of a hole is over, players must immediately vacate the green.
  • The precedence on the game course, for non-competitive matches, is regulated as follows and must be respected and enforced by all players:
    • a single player has no right of way; in case of delay he must give way to the next match;
    • the Operations Manager, in compiling the tee time board, reserves the right, on the days of greatest turnout, to bring together more players in order to complete teams of four;
  • before leaving a bunker, each player must rake the sand eliminating all traces of his or others’ pass and the shot performed, then placing the rake outside the bunker on the side furthest from the normal line of play. It is forbidden to leave the bunkers using the upper part of the bunkers;
  • on the pitch, the clods uprooted by a player or others must be replaced and pressed onto the ground;
  • any damage caused to the green by the impact of the ball (pitch-mark) must be immediately repaired and any further damage to the green must still be repaired before leaving it;
  • players must avoid damaging the green by dropping the flag on it as well as taking care not to alter the characteristics of the hole by stepping on it, guarding the flag or leaning on the putter when removing the ball from the hole;
  • it is forbidden to do this last operation with the putter or with the flag pole.
  • before leaving the green the flag must be carefully returned to the hole;
  • it is forbidden to practice on the Game Course with more than two balls and in any case in which the repetition of a stroke, not justified by the Rules, could in any way delay the play of the following game;
  • it is mandatory to take starting shots only from the green, yellow or white markers for the men and orange, red or blue for the ladies and never outside of these
  • test shots on the starting tees: test moves that cause damage to the turf are prohibited;
  • it is recommended to carry out these movements on the side of the tee itself and in any case without detaching clods on the tee and without delaying the game;
  • It is forbidden to cross the greens, the avant-greens, the starting tees and the areas between the bunkers and the greens with trolleys and golf carts;
  • each player or his companion must avoid disturbing in any way the other players on the playing course, in particular those on the greens and neighboring starts;
  • he must also diligently use the waste bins, avoiding leaving any trace of his passage on the field;
  • bad language, throwing sticks, shouting on the Game Course and any kind of intemperance in behavior is absolutely prohibited and severely punished;
  • it is forbidden to start the game from holes other than hole 1 of the various courses (except with the express authorization of the Secretariat justified by particular situations) or cuts in the course without respecting the order of the holes;
  • access to the playing course, the putting green and the practice green is permitted only with golf shoes.