The territory of Lake Maggiore offers a rich culinary tradition fact the gastronomy of Lake Maggiore is characterized by different kind of a culinary tradition that has managed to integrate the products of the mountain, and lake plain.

The lake cuisine, present exclusively in the zones adjacent the lake, offers dishes based on fish: perch, whitefish, pike, and lake trout. In the inner part of Lake Maggiore it remained entrenched a typical Piedmontese cuisine, remember the laughter, Paniscia, meats, roasts, game, mixed boiled meats, and of course the bagna cauda. Finally, the valley’s cuisine with the classic polenta, sausages with sauce, rabbit, Toma cheese, and porcini mushrooms.

The territory of Lake Maggiore and its valleys is renowned for the production of mountain cheeses that distinguishes the local food culture. With its valleys made of large green meadows and large areas for grazing animals, the whole country has a long dairy tradition of excellence.

Among the cheeses are the Alpe d’Ossola, cow’s milk cheese with a sweet and intense flavor, the renowned Bettelmatt product in just 7 alpine pastures of the Antigorio and Formazza Valleys, Toma of Mottarone with a characteristic pale yellow color and then numerous cheeses like the goat cheese and cottage cheese. These cheeses are produced in the mountain pastures or in the dairies: among the historical structures of the local dairy production include the Social Dairy Antigoriana in Crodo, in Antigorio Valley.

The tradition of cheese is also found on the shores of Lake with Formagella Luino, semi-hard cheese, made with whole milk and raw goat. Among the excellence of this area can not fail to mention the Gorgonzola product is in the city of Novara and hill area.

Even the wine is not overlooked and is a perfect accompaniment to the different culinary proposals of this territory, which by the gently rolling hills of Novara, to the waters of Lake Maggiore stretches to the high Ossola valleys.

To taste the typical dishes of the lake culinary tradition: